The blog lights are on…?

A light bulb

Image by nikonfilm35, used under a CC license

Okay, so I decided to take the plunge and move the blog over to a self-hosted install at my own website (  I’ve also purchased a redirect from WordPress, meaning that old links / search engine results should go to the new space.  Now, though I think that I’m up and running, there’s bound to be errors or wrinkles about the place.  So if you see anything amiss, please let me know in the comments, on Twitter, or by smoke signal!

(Why did I move, you ask?  Partly because I’m a geek who likes to tinker with stuff, and – though a fabulous platform that does the community a great service – was starting to feel a bit limiting.  The other part is because I have vague plans for new content on the blog that may include things like video, and I’d like to make sure that I have room to grow.)