A note on work-life balance.

Presented without comment, from Darwin by Desmond and Moore (Kindle edition, ch. 19):

The days became alike ‘as two peas:’ up at seven leaving Emma asleep, tinker with Coral Reefs until ten, ‘eat our breakfast, sit in our arm-chairs – and I watch the clock as. the hand travels sadly too fast to half past eleven – Then to my study & work till 2 o’clock luncheon time.’ Off to town after lunch, back in time for dinner at six.  ‘Sit in an apoplectic state, with slight snatches of reading till half past seven – tea, lesson of German, occasionally a little music & a little reading & then bed-time makes a charming close to the day.’  It was monotonous but, he comforted himself, ‘how much worse it would have been if I had been in any business.’